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Your Brand Is Unique and So Are Your Business Goals

We get it.  That’s why when you work with IdeaFire™, we’ll get to know your brand and your competition, inside and out.  Whether you’re a startup company and just beginning the branding process, or you’re an established business owner and want to Re-Brand yourself; we can help you appeal to your ideal customers and get them interested in your products and services.

IdeaFire™ Consulting offers a Free, introductory branding consultation to all prospective Clients in which we provide a brief performance evaluation of your overall branding, social media and digital marketing efforts.  Should you decide you like our ideas and want to hire us for further consulting, we’ll then perform an in-depth analysis of your brand, your target demographic, your social audience and your competition.  After discussing and identifying the specific performance metrics you want to use to measure the success of your initiatives, we’ll develop a customized branding strategy that makes people fall in love with your brand.

IdeaFire™ Can Help You:

  • Generate hype about your brand, and more importantly… Back. It. Up!
  • Find new customers on social networks, blogs, groups, communities, etc.
  • Design beautiful and creative company logos, websites and landing pages
  • Develop a consistent “Brand Voice” that shows off your “Brand Personality”
  • Provide superior customer service via social media and politely deal with dissatisfied customers and negative reviews
  • Perform market research to find out which types of people and companies are interested in your Brand
  • Build brand influence and “Thought Leadership” in popular and relevant communities, driving traffic to your website, blog and social networks
  • Map out your target customer demographic and psychographic profile (age, gender, location, income, marital status, skills, interests, hobbies, etc.)

Why Choose IdeaFire™

We’re a dedicated and ambitious bunch, obsessed with innovation, addicted to analytics and passionate about providing the perfect customer service and Client experience.


We move Heaven and Earth to ensure that every Client we work with is on track to meet their goals and objectives ― Your success is our success!